News Release: 3/10/2023

Local Business Scores Big With National TV Channel

OBBM Network News and Programs Picked up by Nationally Syndicated Traverse TV

DALLAS, TEXAS, March 10, 2023/Farmers Branch Chamber of Commerce Newswire/ - - In a powerful independent media leap, OBBM Network TV syndication has been scooped up for national distribution through Traverse TV. Traverse offers national live linear feeds and regional affiliates throughout the U.S., such as Superstation Orlando 55.11 serving 6 million viewers during prime time each day according to Neilson ratings, including 70,000 hotel rooms and 1.2 million cable subscriber households. 

Independent media has come a long way over the last two years. With the addition of OBBM Network News to the Traverse TV lineup at 5/9 PM CDT, 6/10 PM EST Monday through Friday, viewers will now enjoy news and commentary reported weeknights. 

What began as a way to give voice to small and locally owned businesses in 2020 through talk television programming, now emerges as an affordable, enterprise level, advertising, and content distribution platform that gives small businesses the same prime-time quality media visibility offered by major networks. 

To accomplish this we first needed to attract and retain the attention of an audience who have begun to avoid the media.  We needed to reach people like us, small business owners, bread winners, those that do what needs to be done each and every day to support their family, care for aging parents, confront depression or addiction or support a first responder or member of the military. It is these people who make our nation the envy of the world, the goal of people around the globe who want the freedom to raise their family and create their own success story. The nearly twenty-seven million small businesses in the United States generate about 50% of our nation's GDP. They also contribute to growth and vitality in several important areas of economic and socio economic development. Small business is the portal through which many people enter the economic mainstream.” Larry Kortkamp, COO OffBeat Business Media, LLC 

OBBM Network began by slowly creating over 30 audio podcasts and 4 television shows covering a variety of topics from business coaching and small business technology integration, to social topics like education, civic engagement, and city, county and state politics. OBBM Network's early-adopting podcast talk show hosts went on to hold local government offices and positions. 

In addition, shows on health, nutrition, mental health and family guidance were a natural fit. OBBM doesn’t avoid the difficult issues, but doesn’t merely parrot the talking points common on state media, choosing to celebrate faith, family, and freedom, and expose corruption at every level of governmental bureaucracy, from within our local communities, extending to our state governance, up to the federal, and increasingly, the global level. All these shows were created in association with actual small business owners or advocates in these various fields. 

The future is bright for independent filmmakers who have been looking for opportunities to showcase new children’s series, after school programming for the teen market, documentaries, food shows, and movies. Look for up and coming producers airing their content and joining the lineup in 2023. OBBM Network is excited to offer A-rated and family friendly content through Traverse TV and Smart TV apps, such as Roku, fireTV, Apple TV, as well as the Traverse TV app. 

Additional 2023 milestones for OBBM Network TV include a live channel Smart TV app and additional local TV market acquisitions.

About OBBM Network Brands

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